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Baby Program

Developed by baby and tots for children 3-12 months and 12-24 months.


The fundamental movement era (2-6 years) is the turning point in terms of developing gross motor skills.

Academic Curriculum

The Academic Curriculum is specifically developed which is unique and exclusive .


Little Leaders Exclusive focuses on offering extra activities to all their learners, thus 100% pre-schooler participation.

Know More About Our Company

Why Choose Us

Little Leaders Exclusive franchise offers an innovative and exciting brand that presents a safe haven for children in a modern and secure environment. The school depicts a paradise for learners that is filled with fun and addresses numerous skills that promote an all inclusive offer to each franchise.

humble beginnings

Little leaders started with the desire of John and Bonita that needed a playgroup for their son diagnosed with autism. They believed in hands on education and individual attention to ensure educational development and achievement of milestones. A small playgroup was in mind to develop social integration and sustain a happy environment for Ashton. It started with 6 children and grew to 13 in a single class. Ashtons development was remarkable and he was able to be placed in a mainstream primary school. The school grew and they further decided to add on additional classes to offer this wonderful concept for their other two children Jayden and Isabella. They were focused on happy children in a colourful environment that educated and stimulated all their needs where they spend roughly 8 hours a day.  The programs were further designed to not excluded any child regardless of circumstances, thus the all inclusive concept. No child should be left behind.  Being parents we understand what parents want, what children need and doing all this in a modern 21st century environment including all children as we understand each child is unique

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality education to learners, in a safe and wonderful learning environment, through providing individual attention and skills development to ensure maximal individual potential.


We offer a modernized 21 century academic curriculum.


We focus on holistic development in the language, cognitive, social and critical thinking areas.


We offer in house Sportnetic curriculum developed by a biokineticist covering 40 weeks.


Princess curriculum developed by qualified model and deportment teachers covering a lesson per week for the year including basic model and deportment skills.


Gymbaroo is a fine and gross motor skill designed program developed by an Occupational therapist.

Little Chefs

Chefs curriculum is developed to make our chef "Make and Bake" classes fun and themed based written by chefs from Mikes Kitchen.

Acro Fusion

Acro fusion is a combination of acrobatics and ballet developed by qualified dancers in their fields.


We have approached the modern preschool setup that includes equipment and playgrounds from the international market. 


Our preschool software system helps you to be informed and pro-active in your business saving you time and making finances and communication a breeze. 

It all starts here